From Herman Saddle

The Way You See Your World

Today marks the inaugural post of my new Tumblr blog, The Way You See Your World. It’s not a replacement for this blog (which has been long dormant, but is soon to see a revival), rather it’s a simple daily photoblog that will have accompanying quotes from famous and obscure writers and thinkers meant to…

Alder Forest In Winter

Changing Themes

It’s been a minute since I’ve published on this blog. There are a good number of reasons for that, from work obligations to home complications, but my lack of attention to my writing has stemmed largely from two things: Near complete burn-out from school & work and holding myself to a too-restrictive format. Issue number…

Geoblogging the Northwest

I’ll admit: I’m not a particularly consistent blogger. It’s not for lack of desire to write that this blog experiences long hiatuses, but rather a product of my habit of taking on far too many projects at once. But if you’re a blog reader from the northwest, you have plenty of options when I seem…

A Space for Reflection

The blog that I initially envisioned was one with frequent updates, a broad array of topics covered, and several related side-projects that would build content; all clearly too ambitious given my current time constraints. Blog vision 2.0 is one of weekly updates and topics constrained to Earth science within the Pacific Northwest. My intention is less to inform the public, and more to motivate myself to more deeply explore the topics that interest me. I’m selfish like that.