The Way You See Your World

Today marks the inaugural post of my new Tumblr blog, The Way You See Your World. It’s not a replacement for this blog (which has been long dormant, but is soon to see a revival), rather it’s a simple daily photoblog that will have accompanying quotes from famous and obscure writers and thinkers meant to be a daily reminder of the natural world; it’s beauty, its danger, its value, and its imperative.

All of the posts you’ll see there are words and images that inspired some deep thoughts or feelings in me, though are not necessarily opinions that I endorse. It’s just a little taste of something to get you thinking.

As an example, here’s today’s post:

“It is imperative to maintain portions of the wilderness untouched, so that a tree will rot where it falls, a waterfall will pour its curve without generating electricity, a trumpeter swan may float on uncontaminated water – and moderns may at least see what their ancestors knew in their nerves and blood.”

– Bernard DeVoto, “The National Parks.” Fortune, June 1947.

(Image credit: From Herman Saddle by Michael Klaas © 2013)


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