Changing Themes

New Cascadia

It’s been a minute since I’ve published on this blog. There are a good number of reasons for that, from work obligations to home complications, but my lack of attention to my writing has stemmed largely from two things: Near complete burn-out from school & work and holding myself to a too-restrictive format.

Issue number one is being resolved by taking a year off of school. For several years I maintained a schedule of full-time work and full-time school. Looking back, I ‘m surprised that I managed to maintain that hectic pace for so long. A year of no classes is a welcome change, and I feel myself slowly returning to balance.

The second issue is one of my own making and I believe I’ve solved it with this format change for the blog. No more wondering whether such-and-such a thing would be better off on my Tumblr account, or on this geo-blog, or simply to make it a Google+ post. By self-enforcing a geology-only format on Uncovered Earth, I successfully dissuaded myself from writing about things that would have been interesting and informative. This new blog theme is a bit more open, and gives me room to explore topics beyond just local geology; to talk about exploring the wilderness, local news, and just about anything that tickles my fancy. I’m sure none of you would have minded if I’d have done this on the old blog format, but for some reason I did mind, so I’ve done away with it.

All of the old posts are still here, and if you deep-linked to anything on the site, those links should continue to work. As for what you can expect to see here going forward: It’ll still be mostly geology and related science stuff as it pertains to the Northwest, but I’ll be writing more about hiking, and backpacking, and food, and local interest things that feel important or noteworthy to me. If you only want the geology stuff, then all you have to do is click the “geology” category on the sidebar & you’ll never be bothered by anything else.

While I’m being all meta, I thought I’d make a note about this blog’s tagline: “Notes from the leading edge of the continent.”
I do mean that literally, as the Northwest is literally the leading edge of the North American continent. We are the region where new terrains are accreting; we are in front of the continent’s general movement to the west. We pay a price for it, too, in all of the hazards of subduction from earthquakes to volcanoes. But this chaos brings us many gifts as well, from beautiful and dynamic mountain ranges, to a gloriously rugged coast. We have healthy soils, and varied climates. We play host to major industries, and attract a vibrant culture of Earth-lovers, and entrepreneurs.

I’m proud to be a part of this leading edge, both the literal one and the metaphorical. This’ll be the place where I show that pride.


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