Accretionary Wedge #40: Geo-lanterns

This fall I challenged the internet to carve geologically-themed pumpkins for the holidays. The results have run the gamut from paleontological to volcaniclastic. So before we head into the snowier holidays, here’s a gallery of everyone’s creative efforts:



Brian Switek features some very elaborate and beautiful dinosaurs carved into America’s favorite gourd.

Volcanic Pumpkin

Volcano_Pumpkin1Chris Rowan carves for us a pumpkin eruption, glowing with with basaltic goodness.

Plinian Pumpkin

436421692@Geek2Slick gives us this explosive pumpkin eruption complete with apparent pyroclastic flows.

Laramide Pumpkin

geopumpkin4This is no mere pumpkin… It is part of an orogenic event! It fills me with an inexplicable desire to go back to Colorado.

Pyroclastic Pumpkin

17ambWe’ve got a lot of pumpkins that go boom this year. @meagenpollock gives us this beauty.

Aztec Eruption Pumpkin

DSC02322I love this artistic take on an old Aztec painting of an eruption event from Jessica Ball. Brilliant!

Turbidite Pumpkin

bouma-sequence-turbidite-geo-pumpkinGiving us a break from the realm of the igneous, @ZaneJobe gives us this turbidite sequence geo-lantern.

Pumpkin Geode

100_5100It is now one of my greatest wishes to one day crack open a pumpkin and find this inside! Ann also gives us images of other gourds that look like they’re magnificent geo-finds.

Mafic Inclusion Pumpkin

DSC07220Dana is the only one who did what I thought a lot of people would do… she painted her pumpkin! Click the image to see her inspiration.

Parasaurolophus Pumpkin

PB1011781_thumb1Last, but certainly not least, we have a geo-lantern straight from the Jurassic! I absolutely love this one! So cute!


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