A Simple Way to Improve Earth Science Education


In the last week or so, several science bloggers have highlighted earth science projects from teachers on Donor’s Choose. Many of those projects (aimed at providing classroom materials and outdoor opportunities for elementary school children) have been fully funded, but a few are still a little short on their goals.

I encourage all of my readers to select at least one of the classroom projects that need your support. You’ll find it rewarding, I promise, as the teachers always send thanks to the donors and often give detailed reports of how the money was spent and how the children enjoyed the opportunities they otherwise would have gone without.

En Tequila Es Verdad: Donor’s Choose: We’re Rocking It!

The Contemplative Mammoth: Science Bloggers for Students Challenge

Additional earth science projects that need help:

These are four of the most urgent geology-related projects on the Donor’s Choose website. Lets make sure that this school year is an exciting one for our budding earth scientists.


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