Geek Art – Lidar Nice Enough to Frame

…at least I think it’s beautiful.

The Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries regularly releases Lidar posters that have been masterfully colorized and integrated with photo satellite data. Here’s an example of three such posters, all of which I have framed and hanging somewhere in my home:


From left to right, the images are Mount Hood and the Parkdale lava flow, the Willamette River near Corvallis and it’s paleochannels, and Newberry Caldera and the Big Obsidian Flow. Click the image to get to DOGAMI’s poster page where you can see larger versions of each image and purchase them for a mere $10 each.

I also offer you proof that I have, in fact, had these framed and hung in prominent places in my home (my cat Arroyo, a.k.a. Mr. Nibbles, a.k.a. My Good Little Guy for scale).

The big news today, though, is that the 2012 Oregon Lidar Landscapes Calendar has been released and is available to purchase for only $12! Don’t you just want to buy one for yourself and everyone you love?

I’ve already got my order in.


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