Geoblogging the Northwest

A compentant stream

I’ll admit: I’m not a particularly consistent blogger. It’s not for lack of desire to write that this blog experiences long hiatuses, but rather a product of my habit of taking on far too many projects at once. But if you’re a blog reader from the northwest, you have plenty of options when I seem to be inactive here.

A month or so ago I divided my geo-blog list into two parts so that the blogs which focus on the northwest are featured. If you keep a geo-science blog and would like me to add a link to your site, please let me know. I’m trying to compile a complete resource list.

The following are some highlights from geo-blogs you should definitely be reading:

En Tequila Es Verdad
As dedicated a geoblogger as you can get, Dana writes tons about her adventures and discoveries in the Northwest (and the Southwest, incidentally). Have you seen her posts from her latest adventures in Oregon with Lockwood? No? Fix that by starting here: Crazy Columns and Ice-Polished Rocks: Salt Creek Falls

Glacial Till
My buddy and fellow student at Portland State University. His regular Monday feature called Meteorite Mondays teaches me something every week. Check out his latest installment on Shergottites for an example. (Yeah, I’d never heard of shergottites either, but now I’m wiser. That’s what geo-blogs are all about.)

Outside the Interzone
Lockwood has a great mixture of the intriguing and the hilarious on his blog. He’s also been sharing incredible photos and stories from his recent trip around Oregon with Dana. And, of course, he hosts the never-to-be-missed Sunday Funnies.

Pawn of the Pumice Castle
A relative newcomer to northwest geoblogging, but I’m excited to see more! His field work photos are always a joy and are accompanied by great stories and explanations. I also recommend his post on Washington State’s mima mounds.

Liberty, Equality & Geology
Helena was one of the lucky few to get into the NASA Tweetup for the final shuttle launch. Are you wickedly jealous, ‘cause I know I am! But she’s generously sharing her stories and photos from that trip and I’m excited to see more. (You hear that, Helena? I’m calling you out. More posts from the Tweetup, please!)

Emily Erratic
Expect to hear plenty about the Southern Oregon coast (and apparently lots about mountains) from this new geoblogger. I, for one, am happy to have someone living in and covering that part of the state. Welcome to the geoblogging family, Emily!

I didn’t cover all of the NW geoblogging community in this post… Just some highlights from some of the most active bloggers. Keep an eye on the sidebar to the right and keep clicking those links. There are many fun adventures to read about, and plenty to learn. Enjoy!


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